Adot Protection Pack

CommonAccess Pro


  • Accessibility Compliance Plan
  • Accessibility Shield
  • Parallel, Accessible Website
  • Build and Install by Support Team
  • Full Website Scan and Report
  • 12 Months of Protection

What's included?

The Accessibility Plan

Developed over countless hours of research and legal consultation, our accessibility plan jump-starts your company's policy toward making your website more inclusive for users with disabilities. It clearly states your commitment to making your services and products comply with accessibility guidelines recognized by state and federal law.

How does it work?

Once your account is created, our support team will reach out to get Adot installed on your website. The Adot accessibility seal will be displayed at the bottom of your website which links to your new accessibility plan.

Laptop with sample CommonAccess Pro site displayed on screen

An Accessible Web Page

CommonAccess Pro has a built-in web page editor. After your plan has been created, we take your account one step further by building a simple accessible version of your website's most important content. We will work with your point of contact to ensure the right content is added to your CommonAccess Pro page so users with disabilities can easily access your business's information.

How does it work?

Once the accessible version of your website is built and installed, The CommonAccess Pro accessibility seal will be displayed on the bottom of your website which goes to the new accessible version of your website.

Additional fees may apply for websites with more than 50 products, menu items, or ten services.

Full Website Scan and Report

We'll scan your entire website and provide a report that breakdowns errors related to accessibility, overall quality, search compatibility, standards and usability. Then we'll schedule a call to review the document and make sure you know what you should be doing to correct your website.

Woman holding a laptop

Easy Install

In order for CommonAccess Pro to display on your website, your current website will need to have a snippet of code inserted in the header and footer. When our code is added properly to your website, your visitors will be able to access the compliant version of your site. To make this easy, we offer a level of support that is responsive and friendly.

Enterprise Ready

Whether you’re 1 location or 1,000, CommonAccess Pro is perfect for large companies that need a quick accessibility solution. Our support team will work with your technical contact to ensure a smooth rollout. Different content for different locations? Multiple concepts? No problem.