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Marketing website packages come with the DigiPaaS core features plus a whole lot more.

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Customer Management

Our CRM is a centralized hub for all touch points of customer data. Create relationships, monitor and manage user engagement, track sales, tasks, transactions, log communications and more.

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Email Marketing

Integrated within DigiPaaS is a fully customizable email builder. Use the CRM to organize customer lists, then build email campaigns to send and track marketing efforts.

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Social Media Posting

Streamline social media management - build once, post everywhere. Add all your social media accounts to DigiPaaS. Then create custom posts and choose which social media accounts your post gets sent to.

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Analytics Integration

Add your Google Analytics account to DigiPaaS and get all your reporting in one centralized location. Any analytics reporting you want, can be added to our dashboard and shared with individuals or teams.

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